Sunday, April 26, 2009

What the hell is wrong with Google?

Lately, every damn search I make brings up nothing even remotely close to what I'm searching for. car parts sites all come up under disguised and redirected yahoo or livestream data sites that have zero to do with what I want to find. Most searches direct me not to porn, but to lists of lists, sites that have extraneous and even tenuous reference to my search string at best, and even to flat-out bullshit websites that are scamming people.

Using google for common searching is near impossible because I can't save search strings, and can't use more than ten elements in a search string. This is a problem in all seriousness because if i want to find anything with google I have to do a two or three part search where I try to redundantly filter. This is what I need to search google:

-porn -pron -forum -list -shop -chat -yahoo -msn -ads -banner -public -irc -sex -board && no-redirect && no-follow.

In other words, I can't use google. I'm back to scanning yahoo and giving cuil another shot.