Saturday, November 22, 2008

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Worst Buy losing money? Not amazing.


Brad Anderson, vice chairman and chief executive officer
Brian Dunn, president and chief operating officer
Bob Willett, chief executive officer of International and chief information officer

Be nice to customers? So, you weren't already?

I have stopped shopping at Best Buy for much of anything except emergency hardware repair which happens about 1-2 times a year at best. Reason?

Oh, the sales staff are friendly... once you find one of them willing to speak to you.

BB staff are usually invisible, or there's one girl on the floor with ten people who want her attention.

Once you get attention from a staffer, be prepared to be lied to: "nobody sells XP anymore" or "nobody sells linux computers" and other such outright lies.

Also, BB participates in the vendor scamming of consumers by being sticklers about "model numbers" such as "WDC120online" vs "WDC120" which is exactly the same hardware, but purchased online.

Since BB has chosen to lie to me, ignore me, and punish me for shopping wisely, I stopped going to best buy. I travel AN HOUR further away to shop at Frys.

That's if I NEED something TODAY, otherwise I shop at or other far better priced online shops than BB ever will be.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

LHC != Danger

Both sites appear on the surface to be official. They are not, they're crackpot homepages filled with Y2K hysteria, conspiracy propaganda and idiocy. The LHC is not dangerous to anyone, man or mouse. It is not going to cause the end of the world. It does not even use or contain enough energy to cause a serious explosion. The only dangerous component, in fact, is the liquid hydrogen cooling system. The numerous safety equipments that would have to be intentionally defeated to turn this ring of coolant into any sort of explosive device is such an improbability as to equate to laughable.

Even so, it would take a brick of C4, AFTER performing thousands of safety bypasses, by a group of highly skilled scientists or military commandos, to even cause a simple explosion. Such an event would only damage the LHC, which is deep underground, and is unlikely to even be noticeable above ground.

What about the atoms? I'm amazed at the ability of nonsensical idiots to presume that they understand anything about science. Even Doctors and other scientists have been sucked into the mass of stupidity by the size of the data. Doctors whom, I assume, have no physics background, or failed to release science from their religious claptrap. Just because some critic is a Doctor doesn't mean that they aren't a complete tool.

A more rational and neutral source for info is found on wiki:

The homepage for the LHC is here:

What the hell is the uproard about?

People who are Y2K phobic, and probably the same people who perpetuate those asinine Emails about how someone will die if you don't reply in less than an hour, are afraid of the LHC because they don't understand it.

I've heard all sorts of nonsensical reasoning postulated, from big bangs to EOW to alien conspiracies, none of which make one lick of sense.

The LHC is not a bomb. It has no military capacity whatsoever. Its location is sufficiently remote. It is underground. It can not be 'armed' or 'militarized'. The worst anyone could do is to damage the LHC itself.

The energy it uses is directed mostly at controlling the conditions necessary to accelerate particles, and the acceleration itself. It take a great deal of energy to smash two simple particles into each other with any accuracy. Even so, this energy is mostly electricity.

There is more energy released in a single lightning strike than the LHC uses.

Lightning, thus far, has failed to vaporize the planet Earth.

That is all. Stop being idiots. Don't speak when you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Questions are welcome. Assertions that Lizard Overlords from the 8th Dimension are going to kidnap Buckaroo Banzai are not.

Don't pretend that you know more than you do, and you won't make an ass out of yourself.


Monday, September 1, 2008

I am not just a man.
There is more to me than my physiology and I'm shocked that I need to say it.
Women are free now, but revenge is the way they choose to play it.
Because I must fear my own mate, I went to the other side.
Safer to date men, they're more gentle, don't want to be a bride.
Free to focus on me, I am scientist, father, and more.

I am not just a man.
There is more to me than my history, or the last things my father did.
Threatened with arrest for speaking, I write anonymous on every bid.
I've done no wrong, but I am reviled and feared for my Y genes.
Being careful means maintaining deniability and avoiding scenes.
Where will my own past haunt my sons from before?

I am not just a man.
I write, paint, build, and I'm more than the sum of my ability.
I think I love I cherish; as much as a woman who is free.
Hate and scorn within the law are heaped upon me for my birth.
The law itself would shoot first a man and put him in the earth.
Nevermind the woman settling a score.

I am not just a man.
I have raised children and promoted my lovers, my mates.
It was me every night and day, feeding them, playing, forgoing dates.
I'd rather stay at home alone than risk another relation.
Lonely, but I have family to keep me well, their smiles my elation.
Yes, I am man throughout, and more.