Friday, September 24, 2010

On the impossibility of business, and what to expect.

Because America has an 'anyone can sue' legal system based upon privilege that originated in 1400s Scottish and British law, and has rarely been complimented, it's hazardous to be "in business." Everyone will sue you. Insurance to offset this is expensive. Despite my feelings about Corporations controlling most nations and the UN, USA, et al., those are the bad guys, and I'm talking about companies that aren't up to no good.

Google has to do things to be competitive, to obey laws, and to make money. They can't NOT do those three things or they will cease to be a corporation! Compete, Obey, and Profit are the paramount driving forces of corporations. Even in nations where they may freely flout certain laws, or be excluded from civilian law such as Blackwater / XE is, they still have the laws of other nations to be concerned with. However, laws are rarely a DIRECT problem, but the reputation of violating them can kill.

Profit is the golden rule, and a bad reputation will ruin profits. Once seen as an enemy of the state, or the people, a company will have a harder time competing against other companies. Thus, it eventually becomes enlightened self-interest to be "good." The less evil a company is know as, the more willingly people will spend. AOL almost has to trick people into using its services, and certainly spends a lot of energy in customer abuse in my opinion. Everyone laughs in even the largest rooms when I say "AOL" out loud. It doesn't even have to BE a joke that I'm telling! AOL itself is the joke to techies and geeks, nerds or all computer literate people, alike.

Don't be Blackwater, AT&T, or AOL. That's what Google means when they say "Don't be Evil." So, when I say most computer hosting is a scam, please understand that I am not really overstating the case. Today, a reputable, and trusted, host I still use failed to notice a domain being broken - EVEN after it took down their home page for 30 seconds. THEIR server reset, but they ignored MINE. It's still offline at this writing, nearly 24 hours later.

THAT is why I say that paying people to host your website is a gamble, at best. Even the most honest company can't really get it right. The problem is that they have to sell thousands of websites, and who can pay attention to thousands of things at one time? Nobody. They'll never hire that many people. You will notice, and that's why you should host yourself. The real problem is bandwidth.

I'm setting up the four home servers I have to be mirrors, so that they can run when the host I use for bandwidth fails to work properly - which happens more often than once a month. Even with a good hosting company and a business hosting account, there are monthly problems if you make any changes to your site, including just updating your blog.

I'd go 100% self-host if only I had more bandwidth at home. Guess what? Clearwire is upping their bandwidth to corporations. Soon... little jedi, soon. [Somewhat evil laugh.]

You see, in any business, no matter how bad the ESTABLISHED industry practices are, there will be competitors arise who will kick their ass. Clearwire will have my sword.

Expect to see me posting a LOT more about how to install, maintain, and manage servers in your home office, in the coming months. I've been down that road many times and still run several servers in my home now. IPV6 will also be my savior, as it has the potential to eliminate IPV4 problems such as home IP addresses not visible to the internet - when you want one or two of them to be.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Imaginary numbers. Math and the GOP are not in the same universe.

The infamous "Contract on America" once widely touted by the GOP was 90-something percent unfulfilled, and the reason for not meeting that goal is that there was no math in place. This new "Promise" on America is no different.

Lots and lots of fluff, lots of appealing promises, and no math. None. No economics, no numbers, only empty promises and hot air. I'm not really pro Democrat or anti Republican, because I dislike both parties, but when I vote I tend to go Democrat for one reason: They use math.

Obama may be hated or worse, but he uses math to solve problems. No empty promises that I can see, and very few of his campaign promises have failed to be addressed, even if incomplete. In politics, even 50% of promises kept is excellence.

The GOP stands at about 3% to 5% of promises kept since Reagan's Contract on America. A very poor record indeed. How can they promise trillions in tax cuts, and increase spending for business at the same time?

Unless they intend to bankrupt America, this Promise had best go unfilled!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I was going to install Diaspora... but no.

It's using Ruby, a fragmented, often-incompatible system that I've rarely gotten anything to install on. The lack of "installers" for ruby projects is frustrating. This one requires rubygems to be one version higher than I see available! Do they have some hotline to Moscow?

Conflicting package requirements is par for the course with Ruby. I've never even used Rails yet because of this. I've tried on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Another common problem is the lack of packages even being available on some systems. I've seen windows installs require a package that doesn't run on windows. The Hell?

Sometimes I think Ruby on Rails is just a massive prank. One day maybe I'll get it to work, but I've got other priorities. Life. Programs that work. Normal stuff.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "Bud Commercial" viral post

LOTS of corporations have rallied rather ominously around the US Government following the overthrow of civilian rule...

I'm not disagreeing with Bud, or anyone who likes this... but the Saudi pilot who flew the Air Force owned plane was trained at a US cover operations base, and given his US pilots license by the FAA after being cleared by the CIA, and flew over anti-aircraft guns that'd been turned off. The regular air defense USAF jets had been directly sent to the midwest for that entire day and had no stand-ins. Sound like Afghanistan attacked us, or does it sound like US attacked us? Iraq never had anything to do with it at all! USNavy vet, top secret clearances, cold war. This is a textbook false flag operation.

"That looks like a demolition" - Dan Rather, Vietnam War veteran correspondent upon watching the twin towers fall.

For whatever reason, the US Government attacked the world trade center on 9/11. Demolitions staged the previous week by NSA services ejected girders into adjacent buildings - something a plane crash could never do, and melted steel at more than 2000 degrees remained in the ruins days later. No 747 could do that kind of damage. They are not fueled by THERMITE. You'd need to hit that kind of building with a shuttle launch rocket, or an atlas booster, to do that!

747s have hit that kind of building before, and they never fell. Buildings like WT1 and WT2 have caught fire before, more than 24 floors on fire, and never fell. Buildings like those that HAVE fallen, toppled over onto other buildings. NO building in the history of the planet has ever "freefall pancake" fallen into its own pad. ONLY those buildings that are BLOWN UP by controlled demolitions can freefall.

NEWS FLASH: The government LIES to you.
MORE NEWS: The newspapers and television are run by the government.
STILL MORE NEWS: Corporations SUPPORT the government.