Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "Bud Commercial" viral post

LOTS of corporations have rallied rather ominously around the US Government following the overthrow of civilian rule...

I'm not disagreeing with Bud, or anyone who likes this... but the Saudi pilot who flew the Air Force owned plane was trained at a US cover operations base, and given his US pilots license by the FAA after being cleared by the CIA, and flew over anti-aircraft guns that'd been turned off. The regular air defense USAF jets had been directly sent to the midwest for that entire day and had no stand-ins. Sound like Afghanistan attacked us, or does it sound like US attacked us? Iraq never had anything to do with it at all! USNavy vet, top secret clearances, cold war. This is a textbook false flag operation.

"That looks like a demolition" - Dan Rather, Vietnam War veteran correspondent upon watching the twin towers fall.

For whatever reason, the US Government attacked the world trade center on 9/11. Demolitions staged the previous week by NSA services ejected girders into adjacent buildings - something a plane crash could never do, and melted steel at more than 2000 degrees remained in the ruins days later. No 747 could do that kind of damage. They are not fueled by THERMITE. You'd need to hit that kind of building with a shuttle launch rocket, or an atlas booster, to do that!

747s have hit that kind of building before, and they never fell. Buildings like WT1 and WT2 have caught fire before, more than 24 floors on fire, and never fell. Buildings like those that HAVE fallen, toppled over onto other buildings. NO building in the history of the planet has ever "freefall pancake" fallen into its own pad. ONLY those buildings that are BLOWN UP by controlled demolitions can freefall.

NEWS FLASH: The government LIES to you.
MORE NEWS: The newspapers and television are run by the government.
STILL MORE NEWS: Corporations SUPPORT the government.

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