Thursday, September 23, 2010

Imaginary numbers. Math and the GOP are not in the same universe.

The infamous "Contract on America" once widely touted by the GOP was 90-something percent unfulfilled, and the reason for not meeting that goal is that there was no math in place. This new "Promise" on America is no different.

Lots and lots of fluff, lots of appealing promises, and no math. None. No economics, no numbers, only empty promises and hot air. I'm not really pro Democrat or anti Republican, because I dislike both parties, but when I vote I tend to go Democrat for one reason: They use math.

Obama may be hated or worse, but he uses math to solve problems. No empty promises that I can see, and very few of his campaign promises have failed to be addressed, even if incomplete. In politics, even 50% of promises kept is excellence.

The GOP stands at about 3% to 5% of promises kept since Reagan's Contract on America. A very poor record indeed. How can they promise trillions in tax cuts, and increase spending for business at the same time?

Unless they intend to bankrupt America, this Promise had best go unfilled!


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