Monday, November 22, 2010

MSFT attempting lamely to acquire linux, still claims it sucks, but they're offering top dollar.

It's interesting and sickening that MSFT thinks it can own 235 patents on something that existed 20 years before the Microsoft corporation existed, and are unpatentable due to prexisting the software patent furor. Now that Novell has been stupid enough to try to partner with MSFT in an un-subtle trade, they're dying and being bought up by who?

MSFT. Who still will not own linux because it predates the entire DOS operating system by decades. Linux is based on Minux, which came from a free interpretation of Unix for small machines, which came from... you get the picture. It's funny to see MSFT make a bold attempt to grab ownership of free software after spending 25 years taking potshots at it and claiming it sucks.

Nobody knows hypocrisy the way that Microsoft does.