Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anonymous is Black and Green.

We don't need a "new" party, we need to vote for a party that already exists and represents us. Vote Green. The Green party is in 49 states. Anonymous should vote Green. If you like Anon, you should vote Green. If you want a transparent government, Vote Green.

Do you like torture? Go on and vote Democrat.
Do you like being broke? Vote Republican.
Do you want to work at Walmart when you retire? Vote Democrat.
Do you want to see your children working as slaves? Vote Republican.
Do you hate having health care? Vote Democrat.
Do you love chaos and anarchy? Vote Republican.

It doesn't really matter whether its Dem, or Rep, they're two sides of the same coin: Corruption.

The Green party will ban lobbying INSIDE government offices.
The Green party will make it illegal to vote on any issue for which large donations were paid, or to submit laws written by lobbyists.

Do you want GOVERNMENT, or this Fourth-Reich divine right insanity? America is already a Tyranny, already Fascist, already over the edge. It's time to change. Obama had his chance and failed miserably. He extended the Patriot Act. he allows torture and rendition. Look at how he treats Manning. Look at how he plots against Assange. Someone told the truth? How evil of them.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

comment on a comment?

Meant to be a response to VIVA LA VIDA, but something is whack with the XML and I can't post there. Haven't seen an XML error in a long time, so that was interesting.

Anyway, She[WhoMustBeObeyed] rightly posts that it seems that Christians who flagellate themselves publicly are doing something that is at the least, redundant. Christ already forgave them. At worst, they are sinning exactly in a way prohibited by Christ, by doing it in public so that they can be "seen to be pious."

This has long been my view, but 'She' takes it a step along, and thinks they're doing it because THEY LIKE IT. Yeah, that's true, they may be masochists who get off on the pain, which would be therefore sexual and sinful in itself. Or, they may be so into suffering for attention that they "like" it in that way even though they may not enjoy the pain itself. Now, there I had to pause.

Wow. Talk about an attention whore of the century! If you're willing to have your skin flayed just to get attention, I think you need some therapy. I can barely imagine being THAT desperate for acceptance and approval of others. Can you imagine doing this from PEER PRESSURE? That's gotta suck dirt like a hoover.

Leave it to 'Her' to reveal the truth. They're POSERS. If they were REALLY SPIRITUAL they'd do it in private at some extremely expensive monastery, and NOT TELL ANYONE. Only their own brethren and sistern* would know.

* I looked it up. Yep.

That would be very Christian, to suffer secretly for the sake of others, and to make sure that your direct actions are of real benefit and not just well-wishing. Supporting the monastery and feeding homeless, or something.

As a scientist I am unavoidably an ex-christian, born Jewish and raised both Baptist and Catholic - I know what guilt is. Sure, some people feel bad and think they need to suffer. That's called the martyr complex. The average person keeps a hair shirt or two around for when they feel like they've been sufficiently wrong to merit wearing it. Nothing really unusual there, and many people find ways to make their 'cause' more beneficial and logical than an actual hair shirt. Some just donate time at a library, or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Others are campfire leaders. Whatever, that's all a good logical reaction to the martyr complex.

Cutting yourself, beating yourself bloody, scarring and even causing permanent injury to yourself is not a healthy option. It's an option that is clinically known as a 'self esteem issue' on a grand scale. People get locked up for that, for their own protection. But, if you do it for religion, that's ok. Sigh.

My comments on Google Apps...

To me, Google is a corporation like few others, and in particular it is a company which stepped in and found success in every instance where MSFT has failed. Not only is it better at almost anything it does than any other corporation, it does it with far less evil. It's hard not to like the big G.

Now, I just wish that Google had a test platform online where I can develop new hardware... hint hint. You see, there isn't any other company on Earth that I could even dream of asking such things, and that's what I like about Google more than anything.

Google will let you dream, and often fills those wishes, going far and above the call of duty. That's more than just "not failing" at something, that's the best possible outcome. I have no special reason to hate MSFT, as I used to work there, but Google just does it all better, without evil.

Most important of all, Google does it without attempting to rebrand everything commonplace in a desperate attempt at appearing to be useful. C#, dotNet, sharepoint, et al are nothing more than customized trickery, a usurping of existing technology labelled MSFT, named 'innovative,' and hooked into the darkest of evil.

The Ad-Hoc "Office" products are all separate software bought, literally "taken" AKA "without payment", and absorbed by MSFT from other companies and software. This is why they still don't work well together after more than two decades. MSFT isn't smart enough to make Access and Excel cooperate, and you'll have to use OTHER software to convert between them effectively. That's why I left MSFT. They weren't bright enough to streamline Office and put it in Windows Mobile 6 like I wanted to do. Their loss. I now use Android, and Google Apps.

MSFT isn't totally evil, but they do misrepresent facts, spin the truth, and bury you in propaganda about themselves. Working there was similar to being employed by Disneyland [My Ex was,] because no reality will enter the site.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Soon: IBM CPU @ 300 GHz

What's 100 times faster than silicon? Graphene.

Not only is it faster, it's much smaller. One atom thick, or hundreds of times smaller than silicon layers.

Not only is it faster, it can run hotter. 125 degrees Celsius. That's 257 degrees Fahrenheit, or about three times hotter than what your CPU should be running at now. However, this is not the heat given off by the CPU itself - this is the tolerance of the material.

Silicon actually runs hot, to the point that the temperature it operates at is close to the temperature at which it fails, thus: CPU Cooling fans.

IBM has taken fifty plus years since 1911 to get its first 5,000 patents, but now holds the #1 spot as the most patented company in the world with more than 5,000 patents being registered to it EVERY YEAR.

These aren't "MSFT style" software patents for things like "Click, then redirect to webpage" which already existed prior to MSFT. This isn't trivial. IBM is patenting nanotechnology. If I had millions to invest in stocks I'd look at IBM as a sure bet for the future, on a long term hold.

For the record, the fastest CPU out there right now barely clears THREE GHz. It does so by running at more than 140F. This is why PCs are getting faster by running MULTIPLE CORES rather than faster GHz. There's no room for increasing the temperature range because the chip will fry.

PC cases can maintain a low-humidity -100F temperature gradient, or temperature drop, to keep such chips from melting the entire computer. Most do this with self-contained liquid cooling systems. "Hot" gaming PCs are set up that way.

With graphene, we can go back to the days of the 286, when cooling fans were unheard of!

[At least for the CPU, the power supply will still have a fan even for graphene based power supplies unless IBM invents a low-temperature transformer mated to cool FETs.]


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A year later...

I'm making a third attempt to upgrade to 10.10 with Ubuntu. The first two passes at this resulted in a nearly-bricked laptop, but fortunately with GRUB I was able to reboot into the older installations, and I had to go back more than three of these, to get a working -but not stable- Ubuntu just so I could undo the damage. In the end, I couldn't completely fix how badly the upgrade process had screwed up the system and had to burn a CD to do an ALL NEW 10.04 install. This is why I keep /home on a separate partition!

If I have even the slightest trouble with 10.10 I will switch to Arch Linux for this laptop. After all, if I'm going to struggle with settings and making things work, mightn't I be better off with a more powerful system? Why struggle just to hold the status quo if I can struggle LESS, and get a better system? That's my question today. Ubuntu better not fuck it up AGAIN.

And, for the curious, I'm not talking about the wireless drivers or touchpad driver, and other more proprietary difficulties. Those I'm used to. I'm talking about Ubuntu base system not upgrading correctly and having serious ability with even being able to start a VGA screen in X11. This is a no-brainer, as it's already working now, so only a kludged upgrade script could kill it - and it did the previous two attempts at some three months apart. I thought they'd have fixed it by then.

No, Ubuntu Forums is well populated with unanswered threads, followed closely by threads answered only with rude sniping comments rather than actual assistance, then by threads which are closed without being correctly answered, with the smallest threads losing the chase as containing useful information.

I love the idea of Ubuntu, and it's just too bad that Canonical sucks so badly at actual delivery of the promises. That's one linux based company that I refuse to send money to. I've paid for Red Hat in the past, and SuSE, among others. So far, there's no way I'm paying for Ubuntu. I pay for things I want to support, not half-formed betaware.

Speaking of minecraft, I've paid for that, so my sons can play it, and I regret it. What a piece of shite. I'm glad for the opencraft and other actual free versions that are better. Java? Really? I bet that's scalable. LTNS, 8 bit graphics. Howya been? Shit, that's how.

If I'm going to play a BETA game of an 8-bit throwback to days of yore, and you ask me to pay for it, it better be worth it. Minecraft blows goats. I like the idea, but the blocks should be smaller, fuck sakes, at least 16 bit! Who in hades doesn't have a 32 bit computer these days?

In the meantime, the actually GOOD looking freecraft server demanded an update to Ubuntu... which is why I'm trying 10.10 again. Ubuntu ain't going to stand between me and a game, that's certain. There will be no fourth chance.