Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My comments on Google Apps...

To me, Google is a corporation like few others, and in particular it is a company which stepped in and found success in every instance where MSFT has failed. Not only is it better at almost anything it does than any other corporation, it does it with far less evil. It's hard not to like the big G.

Now, I just wish that Google had a test platform online where I can develop new hardware... hint hint. You see, there isn't any other company on Earth that I could even dream of asking such things, and that's what I like about Google more than anything.

Google will let you dream, and often fills those wishes, going far and above the call of duty. That's more than just "not failing" at something, that's the best possible outcome. I have no special reason to hate MSFT, as I used to work there, but Google just does it all better, without evil.

Most important of all, Google does it without attempting to rebrand everything commonplace in a desperate attempt at appearing to be useful. C#, dotNet, sharepoint, et al are nothing more than customized trickery, a usurping of existing technology labelled MSFT, named 'innovative,' and hooked into the darkest of evil.

The Ad-Hoc "Office" products are all separate software bought, literally "taken" AKA "without payment", and absorbed by MSFT from other companies and software. This is why they still don't work well together after more than two decades. MSFT isn't smart enough to make Access and Excel cooperate, and you'll have to use OTHER software to convert between them effectively. That's why I left MSFT. They weren't bright enough to streamline Office and put it in Windows Mobile 6 like I wanted to do. Their loss. I now use Android, and Google Apps.

MSFT isn't totally evil, but they do misrepresent facts, spin the truth, and bury you in propaganda about themselves. Working there was similar to being employed by Disneyland [My Ex was,] because no reality will enter the site.

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