Friday, December 10, 2010

Illegal Government: Policy Laundering.

['Hiding responsibility for a policy or decision

One common method for policy laundering is the use of international treaties which are formulated in secrecy. Afterwards it is not possible to find out who opted for which part of the treaty. Each Person can claim that it was not them who demanded a certain paragraph but that they had to agree to the overall "compromise".
Examples that could be considered as "policy laundering" are the WTO Treaties,[citation needed] WIPO,[2][3] the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA),[4] or the failed Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.[citation needed]']
- Wikipedia., retrieved 12-10-2010 2:47PM

The act of concealing the methods, motives, and causes of Governance is De facto FRAUD against the people of that government. In criminal court, the attempt to conceal a crime is evidence prima facie of intent to commit a crime and the knowledge that it is wrong.

The WTO meets behind closed doors with government leaders to set rules that are not voted upon by the peoples of those nations, to set rules agreed upon in secret, under terms that are not disclosed. This is Treason.

The lack of transparency in any process is universally due to the need to conceal the true nature of motives, beneficiaries, and consequences of the process. This is clearly illustrated under all US RICO and international anti-mafia laws. Hiding a thing that doesn't need to otherwise be hidden, such as a floor vote, or an opinion on a legal document, constitutes a crime in itself.

Thus, the WTO is both criminally negligent, and intentionally criminal by design.

However, I am not complaining just about the WTO. I'm complaining about the USA Congress, which also holds secret meetings, hidden votes, passes legislature written by corporations, and signs bills that the members have not read. It is en toto a mafia organisation.

Meet the new Mafia, not the cigar chewing italian suits you've come to imagine, but a hard-line, fascist, right-wing military industrial complex. Congressional votes can be had for as little as 5,000.00 US$. You want a Senators attention or a meeting? Offer to make a donation in person. These are known as handshake donations. The person offering the money gets to ask for whatever they want, which often results in a little rider on the next bill up for vote.

The United States of America is not for sale. It was sold in 1947 to the para-military chicken-hawks known as the Christian Right. They've made regular installments through the decades, and in return are guaranteed strong positions inside government that survive through President after President.

Right now the head of the FBI is an asshole who withholds evidence that shows the accused to not be guilty, in favor of politically-viable prosecutions.

The head of the RIAA? A newspaper executive who is also on the board of a dozen other corporations.

Who runs the Federal Reserve Board? A cosa nostrum of right-leaning fat bankers. Seriously, they're all fat as hell. They have to wear suits that are "extra wide."

Who chairs the Senate Committee for National Security? They make ALL the decisions that are rubber-stamped by the full Congress. What, about 11 people control the entire USA? Basically, yes. They can defy the President and even their own political parties.

You are not living in a Democracy. You are not living in a Democratic or Free world.

America: The Garrison State.

I don't always need to be the one speaking to deliver important news. I'll summarize and critique at the end of this very good list that orate far better than I.

Yahoo reports "59,400 results for the [search]: ["garrison state" america]
Google only turns up THREE. Yes, "3". As in, one more than two.

These top six links I've posted above cover in careful detail the reasoning, definitions, and problems with America now being controlled by the military. Without doctoring the data, over 52% of the USA budget is being spent on the War Machine.

However, despite 60+ years of building a formidable war machine, America is unable to:
Find Bin Laden
Finish Afghanistan
Stabilize Iraq
Find Peace in Palestine
Stop Israel from spying on America
Calm Iran
Increase Trade in the Middle East
Provide security or protection on the high seas [piracy!?]
Stop Somalia or any other tiny nation from threatening and killing Americans
Prevent, Stop, Win, Control, or even loosely guide ANY WAR.
Finally; There has been armed conflict every year since 1947!

The very concept of a "War Machine" America, or America "The Victor" is a complete denial of facts, logic, science, and reality.

In fact, what we have here are the exact same geopolitical and military structures that lead to the formation and successes of the Nazi Party in pre-war Germany. It's been documented that America smuggled hundreds of "SS" and "Nazi Party" members and officers into America, changed their names, and gave them jobs in the NSA, CIA, and Secret Service - an entity with a disturbingly familiar title: The "SS".

What did they do? They prospered in a government ripe for the plucking. America has always been a bit paranoid and a bit fragmented. The "Unifying" tactics of the Nazi party worked very well and continue to work exceedingly well today as their heirs run the United States with the same level of fascism, evil, and corruption as they did under Hitler's rule.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Forums still blow when it comes to support!

A simple google search illustrates the growing problem:

"launchpad unassigned ubuntu" [without quotes]

About 2,340,000 results (0.44 seconds)

That's over 2 MILLION distinct hits for UN-assigned bugs in Ubuntu, just through launchpad - a service that requires one to sign up to post bugs.

OBVIOUSLY, Ubuntu sucks when it comes to customer service and I'm less interested in ANY commercial offerings from this company Canonical. The only reason Ubuntu works is because it's based on DEBIAN which is rock stable.

The least fun you'll ever have is trying to google a solution to any Ubuntu problem. Just add "-forum" to the search string and you'll get a whole lot of nothing.