Friday, December 10, 2010

America: The Garrison State.

I don't always need to be the one speaking to deliver important news. I'll summarize and critique at the end of this very good list that orate far better than I.

Yahoo reports "59,400 results for the [search]: ["garrison state" america]
Google only turns up THREE. Yes, "3". As in, one more than two.

These top six links I've posted above cover in careful detail the reasoning, definitions, and problems with America now being controlled by the military. Without doctoring the data, over 52% of the USA budget is being spent on the War Machine.

However, despite 60+ years of building a formidable war machine, America is unable to:
Find Bin Laden
Finish Afghanistan
Stabilize Iraq
Find Peace in Palestine
Stop Israel from spying on America
Calm Iran
Increase Trade in the Middle East
Provide security or protection on the high seas [piracy!?]
Stop Somalia or any other tiny nation from threatening and killing Americans
Prevent, Stop, Win, Control, or even loosely guide ANY WAR.
Finally; There has been armed conflict every year since 1947!

The very concept of a "War Machine" America, or America "The Victor" is a complete denial of facts, logic, science, and reality.

In fact, what we have here are the exact same geopolitical and military structures that lead to the formation and successes of the Nazi Party in pre-war Germany. It's been documented that America smuggled hundreds of "SS" and "Nazi Party" members and officers into America, changed their names, and gave them jobs in the NSA, CIA, and Secret Service - an entity with a disturbingly familiar title: The "SS".

What did they do? They prospered in a government ripe for the plucking. America has always been a bit paranoid and a bit fragmented. The "Unifying" tactics of the Nazi party worked very well and continue to work exceedingly well today as their heirs run the United States with the same level of fascism, evil, and corruption as they did under Hitler's rule.

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