Monday, September 1, 2008

I am not just a man.
There is more to me than my physiology and I'm shocked that I need to say it.
Women are free now, but revenge is the way they choose to play it.
Because I must fear my own mate, I went to the other side.
Safer to date men, they're more gentle, don't want to be a bride.
Free to focus on me, I am scientist, father, and more.

I am not just a man.
There is more to me than my history, or the last things my father did.
Threatened with arrest for speaking, I write anonymous on every bid.
I've done no wrong, but I am reviled and feared for my Y genes.
Being careful means maintaining deniability and avoiding scenes.
Where will my own past haunt my sons from before?

I am not just a man.
I write, paint, build, and I'm more than the sum of my ability.
I think I love I cherish; as much as a woman who is free.
Hate and scorn within the law are heaped upon me for my birth.
The law itself would shoot first a man and put him in the earth.
Nevermind the woman settling a score.

I am not just a man.
I have raised children and promoted my lovers, my mates.
It was me every night and day, feeding them, playing, forgoing dates.
I'd rather stay at home alone than risk another relation.
Lonely, but I have family to keep me well, their smiles my elation.
Yes, I am man throughout, and more.


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