Monday, November 2, 2009

ONMG... What happened to Yahoo!?

I opened a disposable email address on Yahoo![tm] a few months ago and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. What a spam festival. What a horrifically bad layout. It makes facebook look good. If you click in the wrong place you get taken to a help page that is zero help. You can't click ANY link to get back to your original page. Fortunately I have firefox set to open links in a new tab.

The repetitive login screens are supremely annoying, as though there are no persistent cookies, even though I've allowed them. No link memory, no login persistence, and a chaotic ad-driven layout designed to make you click as much as possible for page reloads. No thanks, I'd rather use a different service.

These are just two of many new services designed to eliminate spam by giving you a nonpermanent email address. What we really need is an open source instant messenger like Pidgin that allows video and music streaming. Why even use Email for validation? It's obviously easy enough to fake information and gain an email address that has no IP records of you. I use proxies on nearly all websites. You do too if you write from work, as most employers have proxy servers even if they only think of them as a DNS service.

Email is outdated and has been for a decade, since instant messengers and SMS technologies raced to the front of the field if not before. My websites do NOT use email verification. I allow "OpenID" which is a website based verification. I don't need your cell phone number, I just need to block spammers. OpenID has excellent anti-spam abilities that at the minimum far exceed that of Email systems.

The entire point of logging in to any website is to provide account based information that is desirable to the user, and prevents abuse of the system. Email doesn't really provide this function fully, as it does nothing to avoid spam -which is why you now get "Captcha" on ALL websites.

If Email was so great then websites would not need to use an image text-capture to check for spam robots. QED.

I ditched the Yahoo thing as rapidly as possible. I hadn't used it in about four years and find it to be even more annoying, less useful, and more spam-filled than ever before. It's no wonder they're up for sale to the lowest bidder.