Thursday, December 31, 2009

Posting from a netbook...

I almost got here with chromium, but before I could update my blog or facebook, chromium went down. It's fun to play with a new OS but there are still bugs to work out. Right now chromium is running well on my HP mini 1000 netbook, but isn't currently able to view my verizon connection. It only seems to be able to connect using wifi or LAN through VirtualBox.

I'm still checking to see if this is a Vbox issue or a Chromium issue. It all works well if I connect in any other way, just not through the netbook's internal cell, which I am online with right now. Workarounds are common in software beta testing so I'm not very concerned about it but I'd love to fix it.

VirtualBox is MUCH easier to install and use than VMware, by the way. I'm in love with it already, but I won't ask it out on a date. Chromium? It's slick, fast, and obviously quite openly modifiable. It also crashes a lot right now. At least with a virtual machine, you just click 'start' again and the whole OS relaunches. You don't have to wait for hardware to boot because it's a virtual instance.

I've had multiple copies of VMware and can not recall ever, even once, getting it working correctly on any of my machines. This is the very first time I've attempted to use VirtualBox and it is absolutely great. Installed with no problem on the first attempt, and is working right now running Chromium OS. I will play with it more, as I am searching for the netbook version of Ubuntu right now to try out on it. Will update...

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