Thursday, January 20, 2011

Iran was never a threat, and the US knows it.

What's a threat to the US isn't Iran, or Iraq, or Afghanistan. It's any nation that doesn't swallow the national "party line" without resistance, and that line is "let our corporations plunder your nation." In Iran's case, firm commitments by Russia and China hinder any attempt by the USA to enter that nation and create more war.[1]

America got Iraq, Russia gets Iran. That's the deal that was cut long before America went after Saddam for a crime he never committed, for weapons that the US never sold him. Funny that the United States never charged Saddam with having the weapons that the US DID sell him. Iraq was nearly 70% funded by the US military industrial complex. His only mistake was seeking full independence from - The United States.

It's hard to read the news today, because every Western paper is shouting hate at China, even the best and most "literary" papers are broadcasting the corporate dogma of "China is evil." Why? Just because they won't let America bleed it dry? China has better human rights than America does at this point. America still executes children, the mentally ill, and people who are known to be innocent. America invades nations that have done nothing, not just not attacking America, but posing no threat to America whatsoever. America still creates, sponsors, and controls terrorist states. America has overthrown Democracies, and admits doing so. China has done none of these things.[2]

Here is what an American military tribunal will get you: Four innocent men sent to prison for life without parole. That's the best justice America has to offer. Professional conviction by high ranking military experts. Review of the case? Oh yeah, they're completely innocent.[3]

America continues to spout increasing record levels of propaganda, far eclipsing both the Nazi war propaganda and the USSR information campaign by a factor of about 40. It's less than 100, but more than 20, and accuracy is very difficult in calculating the extents of this volcano of B.S. The lies are so far-reaching, so constant, that it's like trying to divide by zero.[4]

Hermes is hardly neutral, they read like 'birthers' but raise a lot of valid points when you ignore the anti-Obama and anti-Democrat bias. Most anti-American sites tend to be wingnuts, right? No, actually. Xinhua, the Register, the WSJ, the Guardian, and other newspapers are not at all wingnuts. These are Progressive Liberal Press. Fiscal conservative organs of a commercial media, with a socially liberal bias. One would actually expect them to be pro-America. In general, they are.

The WSJ? Yes, apart from the editorials, the reporting is very excellent and largely liberal, which is to state, most clearly, that they give credit to both sides of an issue - to a fault. Few issues really have ONLY two sides, and rarely are all sides of equal weight. The "liberal press" flaw is that they polarize issues.[5]

If you want to read actual liberal press, and not commercial media, you need to read and sites like it that accurately document history, review ethical processes, and don't parrot the State Dogma. For an idea of how difficult this task is, just finding "real" news, check the wiki article on media ownership[6].

You will be largely limited to small, nonprofit, independent press. But, that's how newspapers started, you say? Well, sort-of. The history of the press in the USA is also mostly B.S. Few were ever neutral, independent, or even at all honest. Many newspapers originating in the West based their entire business on selling lies. It's only since the dawn of the internet that truly free press has arisen.[7]

It is free, liberal, and specialty news websites like groklaw and news lists like reddit that aid the distribution of more factual information in the United States, where turning on the Television is akin to strapping yourself in for a voluntary lobotomy.[8] Unpaid individuals who profit mostly from web banner ads and tee shirt sales are the true investigative reporters of America since the internet began to distribute news.

Dan Rather, the "Last American Journalist" was fired for reporting on the WTC demolition. He was literally thrown out of his job and threatened with arrest. His new site is one of very few liberal media websites still in existence, as the word "Professional" also usually means "Owned." Dan is the last of the un-owned journalists.[9]

Back now to my point about China, and why I love to use Xinhua. The China Daily newspaper, despite being a party-owned Chinese media, is more accurate, more fair, and more often prints actual facts about China than nearly any other press. It certainly does a better job of reporting on China than any Corporate Media in the US does![10]

American politicians and media talk tough, constantly criticize China, and are unforgiving Christians. The facts are that China has a growing robust economy based on a scientifically designed blueprint for government. China has had NO RECESSION. That economy does NOT fluctuate the way America's does. Why not? Because China controls it. The "World Wide Recession?" That's the Western World, not the GLOBE. It's not even close to being a world recession. Only the Western Banking has failed, and cost their governments Trillions.

China has seen nothing but growth for decades now, and is heading into position to become the primary, and possibly ONLY, world power. By 2020, The US will be a sad shadow of its former glory, and is already fading fast. Chinese military spending and economic strength will surpass the United States within five years at the current rate. Some economists say three years. Who says China is already the world's number one power? Americans do.[11]

Also, the facts say it too.[12] The total GDP of the planet Earth is 74 Trillion a year. The US produces 14, China is a close 2nd with 10. Japan has 4. No other nation is even close. So how is China ahead? I've said it before, America has massive debts that are not calculated into the GDP. China holds very little debt. When you add in debt, China has been ahead of the USA for at least three years now. China has one fifth the debt of America proportionately.[13]

When you add in the fact that America is growing at 2%, not counting debt of 12%, and China is growing at 10%, China is winning and quickly. You can do the math in your head. Point 1 times 14 is .14, doubled for 2 percent is .28, and then added back to 14 is only 14.28 for the US in 2011. Now do China. See? How fast they overtake America is largely influenced by debts and the banking industry, and whose banking industry is rock stable right now? China. I'd be investing in Chinese advertising companies, if I were you. You have at best, five years to learn how.


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