Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Chrome Netbook OS! "Alex?"

I read this with some sorrow, the new Chrome netbook is to be another slow, low-capacity Atom chip. Intel has a way with the market, a way of screwing it.

I've got an HP Mini now, also slow as F*CK powered by Intel Atom, and I don't need another netbook that locks up for 3-5 seconds every time something loads flash or javascript. Seriously, the entire machine becomes nonresponsive when I load some webpages. No mouse, no keyboard, nothing. It's too slow and gutless.

I have zero respect for Intel after they were found guilty of monopolist practices, and called out by the Justice Department for lying repeatedly about their anti-competitive contracts. I've worked at PC stores before and I know that Intel will get pissed and stop selling to you if you sell AMD and they find out.

F*** Intel. I love Google, but if they sell only Intel, I won't buy it. My next machine will have AMD, just like all my PCs do. Atom inside? Might as well say "Shit inside." Or, 'we don't think highly enough of the end user to give them a machine that really works.'



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