Friday, March 19, 2010

Asimov was right...

This is similar to my P.I. article.

America's highest technology has been outsourced overseas in never-before seen multinational supra-corporate development - in which corporations take precedence over nations.

Here on the Rolls website:
And again, here on the Register:

It is clearly and openly discussed as a corporate enterprise covering multiple nations security forces. Rolls Royce must have pretty high security clearances. Sure, I bet they're required by a contract to conform to security standards and not to share the technology, but never before have corporations been the guardians and keymasters of critical technology. In the past this was always a US laboratory staffed and operated by an elite team of scientists - who often worked WITH corporations and the military, but not FOR.

Nations are merging into corporate "bloks" as predicted by Communism. Yeah, you know, Communism, the USSR, et al. The Russians were right. Human rights and civil rights, nation economies, and peace are all less important today than corporate profits. Anything is good when it's gold is the growing and prevalent morality.

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