Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Marketing Bullship using made up numbers

Apple Insider, also known as the Apple Liar magazine, is so far up Apple's backside that I can't believe anyone takes this seriously as journalism. The most recent fiasco today is the tiny, statistically insignificant study that the released citing how " 40% of Blackberry users would buy an iPhone."

BULLSHIT. Why would you trade in a Rolls Royce for a Toyota?

Technology impairment aside, why would I want a phone that locks down everything, deletes my personal data without asking, and basically have to deal with a tyrannical company that's imitating Microsoft business practices? Few people like AT&T, and though the iPhone was cool when it came out, Apple shot itself in the butt by forcing ALL iPhone owners to use AT&T - a convicted felon.

AT&T then of course proved that it's now a different company by behaving responsibly and opening up the phone... not. That's alternate universe-land. AT&T proceeded to lock the iPhone down even further.

A quick look at this "study" - an abuse of the word if I've ever seen one, reveals that less than a 100 people responded to the Blackberry question, not 1000+ as the advertising insists. Even 1000 users is irrelevant if they're all coming in through a Pro-Apple marketing campaign!

The company that released this bogus data gives NO sources, no methodology, and in short, there's no way to check their numbers. In other words, it's all lies. On the internet, if you don't provide proof, you might as well be lying.

Why? Because it's too easy to just quote your sources [ABC survey co] and methodology [rigorous double blind, randomized questions] as well as your data manipulation methods [incidence of dual ownership, leapfrogging, per capita, etc.]

The iPhone marketing scam, I mean this latest advertising disguised as a survey, does none of that. After "registering" with the "survey" company, you get a little bit more data - enough to see that they're basically lying through their teeth.


1 DO NOT believe everything in print.
2 Consider the source.
3 A little paranoia will save you a lot of money.


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