Monday, May 17, 2010

Is the IMF destroying small business and the middle class? YES.

The IMF imposes harsh restrictions in return for bailout money, but it's not cutting executive salaries, forcing the rich to repay illegal gains, or chasing down corruption in the Greece government - or any other government. No, instead the IMF forces nations to obey the will of a corporation. Create more slavery.

The middle class is being edged out worldwide by policies that directly impact the working classes and the poor. Public funds are shut off completely to repay the debts of the rich. Small businesses are being hit with enormous taxes, at a time when their customers are dwindling, and they're losing the race against time for survival. The policies of the IMF demand that poverty programs are eliminated, that working classes take lower pay, and that all public benefits are cut severely.

These actions do not stabilize a nation, they DESTABILIZE them. IMF will lead to a revolution in Greece, in which a new government will step in to "solve" the problem and create a new class of serfs. 'Here's your food and housing coupon, corporate citizen, now get back to work before I have you shot.'

It already happened in Iceland, which started dealing with the IMF in 2006! Look at how well that turned out for Iceland, and you get a better view of how the IMF is dealing with each nation it loans to. The entire process is a hegemony, designed to drive power away from local government to corporations.

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