Friday, October 29, 2010

Letter to the Mayor of Seattle - already sent.

I don't think Seattle is doing enough to protect the people. I read in this article that only SOME of the police had automatic weapons. Why were some of the officers not properly armed? I also see that none of them wore armor, is this true? How can our civilian police force not be properly equipped with full military protection?

What are you doing going into an apartment without a tank? Why doesn't the SPD have tanks? Are your cars even armored? I don't see solid tires under them either. Why no body armor? Why no powered exoskeleton? SPD is looking fairly rural compared to modern civilian police forces like the Israeli Army and the Iranian National Guard.

So, you were afraid to enter an apartment where someone may have had legal marijuana? The only reason the SPD is afraid is because they are not properly equipped. And, what happened to firing tear gas and stun grenades into a suspected "drug den" first? What, are you guys liberal hippie babies now?

No armor, not enough manpower, no tanks, no grenades, it's no wonder that people with legally purchased drugs think they can get away with it in Seattle! SPD is woefully undergunned! That guy had a robe on, and his kitchen has knives! He might even be a registered gun owner, god forbid.

Why, with a legally purchased six-shot handgun, he could have potentially inflicted minor harm on one of the police officers before they gunned him down as they are obligated under the law. DO not permit resistance! Face to the floor the article reads... why was he not beat up? He should have had the fear of God put into him by the notoriously fierce SPD - who is seemingly growing timid. I can't see any bruising or abuse on this guy at all. Shameful behavior, letting someone talk back and refuse to immediately throw themselves on the ground get away without a trip to the hospital. All civilians should disrobe and prostrate themselves on the ground before the appearance of any officer of the law, just as a precaution. Nobody expects that when a civilian answers their door, that they should not immediately lay down when a police person kicks it in.

This scumbag hippie obviously needs to be taken out and killed to save the taxpayers money, but then SPD would have one less person to practice tactics on. We need more poor people for violent experimentation! Recruit all the people seen walking in Pioneer Square or on Hwy 99 into death camps for immediate training classes.

I think Seattle has become way too liberal. Nobody even shot him.

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