Monday, October 4, 2010

Shutting down my facebook...

I'm demopoly on facebook and I've posted there about the security problems and trials I've had with the company. I'm dissatisfied with many aspects, and find that even myspace has better protections than facebook does. Since I've succeeded in the act of installing Diaspora, I'll be working forthwith on moving ALL my personal information to that server, which I can fully control.

It's looking very likely that my last post on facebook will be the link to my diaspora server. I'll leave the profile there since it'll be awhile before Diaspora has the market share that facebook does, but given the power and utility of Diaspora, I can't see how it wouldn't spread like wildfire.

I'm certainly going to be doing my best to move people off of facebook, and I will provide hosting and training to people to enable them to do so.

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