Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Proof that it's all just Posturing.

Congress, The President, and the entire basket of snakes that is US politics, is nothing but a thin film of lies. This comes as a surprise only to Captain Obvious, Rod. But, lest I digress, here is more proof:

How could a woman with no male ties, living with and sharing financial accounts with a reputed lesbian, and close friends with many publicly out gay exroommates, sit silently by and watch as her party decimates gay rights? She gives speeches welcoming and praising homosexual public figures, but zips her lip when the Prez talks about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. Gender/Preference traitor? Class traitor? Race traitor certainly?

How about NO to all of the above. "Condi" Rice is exactly the same as all other politicians: She doesn't believe a single word of what's being said. Politics is nothing more than the art of lying to the public. She doesn't get upset about laws restricting marriage because she knows it doesn't matter. The laws don't apply to her class of people anyway. She rightly understands that a legal definition of marriage is like a Catholic definition of Science, it just doesn't add up to anything.

Nothing matters in a political world where the next 4 year John sitting on the throne of our nation is just another pimp to big business and private interests. The laws will change every four years. Some laws change every two years. After 8 years, the John is disqualified from further pimping and has to let another John take over.

Every word uttered is a baldfaced lie meant only to placate voters, and confuse the news media, who report hawkishly on "official" pap as though it means something serious. Unfortunately, our legal system has claimed the right to seize people or property without reason, to kill without excuse, and to do as it damn well pleases. That's the larger problem.

Politics isn't any dirtier now than it was 200 years ago, it's just that now we have a government that, without international competition for power, feels that it is immortal and godlike. Thank whatever world powers that be, that Russia and China have had enough, and the EU is rightly pissed off at being pissed on. At last we have real enemies again, not barely-funded grassroots terrorist/freedomfighters throwing rocks, but nuclear armed opponents.

Now, the USA has to stand down and look sheepishly around in guilt, as the rest of the world has grown taller than we have, and is prepared to give us a financial wedgie that we'll never forget. Thankfully, there isn't a gods-damned thing we can do about it. That's a good thing.


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