Friday, September 14, 2007

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Verizon shouldn't be such a crybaby about the FCC rules actually being "open" or "fair." I am a happy verizon customer, and ALSO a happy google customer. I ALSO have an OpenMoko phone. There is more in this world than is dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.

You don't have to be a monopoly, or even an oligopoly, in order to secure customers and profits. Just offer things people want. Have none of you been to business school? I LOVE my FIOS and I'm not giving it up. I also want google and ANY OTHER COMPANY to be able to use the 700 MHZ spectrum. Quit trying to lock-out competitors because you're only going to fail spectacularly. Not even Microsoft can mess with Google. Their lawyers will eat you alive, and if you're not careful they could BUY your company.

Look at the front page of Go on, I'll wait, I'm only an email from a minor-league blogger. See? Crybaby, in big bold print. You aren't going to fool anyone.
[Update: Yahoo pinched the article from huffington:]
My advice to you is to drop the charade and realize that you now live in what the rest of us call the 21st century. The EFF and other major players are against you. My Senator is not your friend, because she knows that her largely-geekish constituents read fluently and are not afraid to sue the government. If you win the FCC ruling, I'll be among tens of thousands of geeks in Seattle petitioning to have the ruling overturned, and I'm a fan of your company.

Don't let Verizon become a laughing stock like AT&T, who is commonly referred to as the death star, AT&FU, and other wonderful things. Look at how SCO is ridiculed. Don't join that crowd, Verizon.

Compete, Listen, Invent, and Sell. If you do those things, you make Billions. How hard is it when companies can offer very little, and get paid so much? For the cost of a satellite or some cell towers, you get Billions. Enjoy it! And make sure you let your customers know how much you appreciate their money.

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