Thursday, September 6, 2007

No ads here, thanks.

Blogger now allows 'adsense'lessness. That's nice, but I don't allow it. I pay for the privilege to blog and I'm not interested in financial rewards for what amounts to my own opinions. If I want money I'll post links to my novels or a donation button.

So many bloggers are intent on "A listing" by getting linked by other bloggers, and it's a vicious circle not unlike the once-great US media corporations engaged in before their much deserved death of readership, the "approved sources." The very idea of an "A list" of bloggers is an insult to blogging. I reject it. I do not seek your approval and do not want your links. It is anathema.

I do not need to be validated by others.

The only possible validation is readership based on raw unique hits, not links to other media, which can and HAVE been contrived by spurrious and clique-ish groups of bloggers whom all link back to each other in the hopes of improving their ratings. That's like ABC quoting BBC and assuming that the quote is genuine and newsworthy, that the reference itself validates the story, or that ABC has in fact done anything at all.

On,,, and countless other news lists I see the same stories reposted daily, weekly, and even months later by different bloggers, but also by other commercial news media. Alert! Danger Will Robinson! You're playing their game, and this is a game that the commercial entities know all too well, for they invented it.

The effort to promote old news or non-news items in order to get 'hits' is itself a sign of a weak, corrupt, and pointless system that was 'gamed' a long time ago. The A-list is a failure by design. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines also use the numbers of linkbacks and crosslinks as a methodology of "honestly" rating popularity of a page, but we've already revealed that this is a broken system which is easily manipulated. They should go back to simply revealing content, and stick to kill-filtering the abusers.

Damn them all, I might have to code a new search engine just to save the bloggers from themselves.


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