Sunday, January 24, 2010

OMG! Art that offends me! I must post on wikidot.

Just in case anyone is wondering, that was sarcasm.

Art is art. If it offends you, it's probably art. If you hate something just because it exists, or want to smash the author, then it's almost certainly art. Apparently the tools at wikidot have little better to do than WhiteKnight for Christian Offensiveness Police and the Feminazi Fools, also known as the FF, which I can only abbreviate here.

The first three "reviews" by this wiki site give one pause. This explains why wiki sucks so hard. This explains why no professor wants to allow students to quote wiki as a source. It also is a beautiful example of just how damn stupid some liberals are. Hey, I'm a liberal, so there. They piss me off, m'kay? Spineless jellyfish, afraid of anything remotely intelligent, edgy, or funny, they're best at bending over for republicans and fascists.

These hit-pieces are portrayed as reviews, when really it's just hate speech. How dare anyone, male or female, draw women in any way that we can object to - that appears to be the primary theme of every complaint ... I mean review on wikidot.

Without any artistic skill themselves, these morons have taken it upon themselves to rate artists for such insanely vapid things as 'sensitivity to women' and 'human rights.' Yes, because comic book artists are so well known for their ovens, genocide, and killing of harmless princesses that are only riding daddies ponies for the afternoon and dressing up like barbies at the age of forty.

Sorry, I toggled the sarcasm switch to turbo.

Wapsi Square is one of the comics they 'review', and this is one of several comics which makes it quite clear that these FFs just like to hate. They don't care that they're villifying a feminist. Wapsi is drawn by a man who has such respect for women that he portrays them as highly intelligent, independent, powerful, and barely even neurotic persons with male counterparts who are virtually helpless without them. That's pretty damn feminist in my book. I can't see what the hell the FFs on wikidot are objecting too... until I read further down.

The skinny waists. THAT'S IT! In several reviews they also gripe about "unnatural" figures of women. So, apparently, if you're Feminist, you have to be a big fattie. Beach ball shape, or at a minimum, a pear. Sorry, all Native American, African, Asian, and Northern European women - you are not natural. You can't be skinny, thin, have firm breasts, and be feminist. That's the main thrust of wikidot's arguments by their cadre of Feminazis.

Being as Wapsi is based on REAL WOMEN [if the FFs had read much, assuming they can really read], if they had any brains they'd have noticed that the creator is paying homage to dear friends and even ex girlfriends. The star of the comic is his ex. I hardly entertain such gracious and generous thoughts about MY ex, I can assure you. Hot death comes to mind first, under a slowly grinding train car derailing into her cheap car and cheap boyfriend, where she tastes her own blood mixed with fuel... but I digress.

Wapsi Square is, as most of the other assailed comics on wikidot, completely harmless and not at all offensive. It's pretty much work safe no matter who you work for. Even Disney would be unlikely to have a problem with this comic. There's not much to 'tame down' or censor. Nothing, really, that I can find in it that is gratuitous, insulting, demeaning, or even failing to be respectful. There is zero nudity, humor is woman to woman or with the male as the victim, and the only character who gets mistreated is a little male troll demon. I'd characterize that as a simile for penis on any day.

Though I am far from a huge fan of Wapsi, it is slow and hard to follow, with story lines that just don't interest me, I just can't find that any of the other complaints about it are even the slightest bit true. Beware of wiki, lesson one. Beware of wiki people who blog self-righteously without cause, or rally against some invisible enemy that's not out to get them. These FFs on wikidot are the "Birthers" of the comic world.

I'm rarely so annoyed by plain stupidity as I am with the FFs. They damage their own gender in a blind rage, because the one thing that they really can't stand is a woman who doesn't look like them. Fat.

I've got a few pounds of my own, but I don't hate good looking men, because that'd be insane. It's no ones fault but my own how I look, that and good old genetics which can only be blamed on my parents. That won't do any good to complain about because I'm glad I was born. I don't hate my parents, although I could - they are racists, and I don't hate myself. I just work out more and shop more carefully. Hey, I lost an inch this winter. Yay me.

Women in America are insane by most standards, when it comes to this Feminism stuff. Look ladies, you've been equal for at least 60 years now. None of you are likely to have been alive when women could not vote or work a "man's" job. You can do whatever the hell you want to, and we'll happily cheer you on! There simply IS no repression. My girlfriend is a highly intelligent engineer. I think she rocks. But, she's not a feminist. She's a humanist. "It's not right to put one sex before the other."

I think that sums it up pretty well. Thanks, honey.


Dread Lord CyberSkull said...

I just looked at the bad webcomics wikidot entry on Wapsi Square. I've been reading the comic for a while and I have to say that this review isn't a review. It's a spiteful diatribe. The whole site is called "bad webcomics". They can't, by definition, say anything nice.

On the other hand, if enough people hate you enough to go to all this work, you must be doing something right.

Keep 'em hating you! :p

Katarzyna said...

Love Your comment :D I'm a women ex-feminist and a fan of Wapsi Square and I fully agree with what you have wrote :D Cheers

Xtina said...

Of course, there is a host of other issues with this rant:

* Critics are not morally required to be able to do what they criticise.  Unless you're willing to say Ebert should direct, or perhaps tech review bloggers should be able to replicate the tech.

* It's kind of odd that you put in your rant both that women and men are equal and that's how feminism should be, and that there are all these women and very few men (except for one that you allude to as a penis stand-in, who gets abused) as a feminist comic.  I actually entirely agree with the portion of the review that's about the men in the comic -- where the hell are they?  Like, at all?

* How exactly would you define "hate speech"?  Would you refer to a review of Avatar that picks it apart for its colonialist racism "hate speech"?

* Humanism is a philosophy more about placing human beings as most important, as versus religious things.  It's not really about gender equality, in/of itself.


* "You can't be skinny, thin, have firm breasts, and be feminist. That's the main thrust of wikidot's arguments by their cadre of Feminazis."

That's not what they are saying, in my interpretation.  From what I can see, the reviewer is saying that gosh, how about that, every single one of the women in this comic has a prominent chest, they like doing sexy things regardless of their previously stated values, they are all "stick-thin", and they all wear things that show off their chests, regardless of what they're doing.

(Like for serious, like a car mechanic would be wearing skimpy things while working on a car, every time they work on a car.)

It is entirely within the realm of possibility that the artist just doesn't know any non-skinny women in his life, or in the media around him.  I can't speak to his world.

* Technically, as what you wrote was a review of their review, you've just perpetrated hate-speech against them.  For being feminists, and looking at things through a feminist lens.

Also also:

Padraic said...

So you are saying that women are angered by being objectified because they are fat? Also saying that women are equal is false. Even today women only make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes in the same job.

The Old Wolf said...

The only antidote for an internet run rampant is education, common sense and an open mind. Feminazis invariably lack the last two, and often the first. Thanks for the excellent rant and the kudos to Paul Taylor's Wapsi Square.

Demo said...

YES! Five intelligent responses and only one spam. Awesome. Thank you.

Feminists: I take your points and understand, but as a man who has been refused work by a "feminist" [you may not agree that she is], I find that the movement has indeed devolved into something more dangerous.

I still believe that Human Rights are the trump card, and what we should all be working towards. There's no real reason for anyone to hate anyone.

Hating haters is hating?:
But are you hating me by hating the hating? Or rating the rating? Is it hating the rant in the rating? Obviously I'm exasperating.

Thanks much for making me smile, all of you. It's a better reward than cash... well, not really, but pretty close. :D

Demo said...


NO profile. Anyway. No, that's what YOU are saying. I am saying that women ARE equal, no matter what anyone may think or what they earn.

What you are doing is accepting television as fact, and misunderstanding statistics. 40% of all sick days are taken on Mondays and Fridays. Does that mean people are faking it for the weekend?

Just because women earn slightly less on the national level does NOT mean that ALL women are not earning fair pay compared to men. What it means is that many women still choose lower paying careers, staying home at least part time, and thousands of other factors. In my experience, women I work with tend to earn MORE than I do. Most companies give women credit for almost all time away from work, even where they are not rearing children or away voluntarily.

MSFT does this. Women joked about how they could just take a year off to travel and get 'family leave' credit for it. Men are forced to justify their family leave and can't just ask for it, and I highly doubt that any of them would get away with taking a vacation and calling it family leave. When men take nine months off we can't come back to work. The family leave act only gives us three.

But, are men not equal to women because of that? No, of course we're equal. To say otherwise is illogical. I think you have never experienced repression and are falling victim to 'eternal victim' brainwashing by the FFs.