Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open Letter to Obama - as sent to the White House.

You can't let O'keefe get off scott free. Pun intended.

Criminal acts are criminal acts. Ignorance is no excuse. GOP threw the book at Clinton and anyone else who got in their way. Now the GOP is caught committing crimes to frame innocent people.

I think this is a RICO case involving more than just O'keefe. These GOP spooks like to talk like they are working alone, but the GOP has shown its hand many times in the past as a group willing to commit terrorism to get its way.

If the FBI and CIA don't look into this, then Democrats will have proved themselves to be gullible idiots just like the GOP says they are.

Do the democrats have a spine, or not? Stop backing down. Break the fillibuster. I want health care. Stop the war.

Or don't, and I'll just give America the finger and move to Canada. Your choice, sir.

US Navy veteran.

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