Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rusty Con

Listening to the teens at the convention, I am reminded of how far outside the normal adult society I live simply because I don't drink. They're telling me stuff that I was thinking about at various times, but also bringing up a lot of on topic stuff about the con. It's fascinating to see their fully adult minds already working on social problems and addressing how they want their lives to be. They complain about parents of course, and being bored, so we're talking about how to make the con better for those who are here more or less involuntarily.

Treasure hunts in a pirate theme, game rooms with consoles and computers instead of boxes of old board games, panel rooms with build-it activities, and more things that are spaced out around the entire hotel. That last one is what surprised me. I had not even considered that these teens want to move about, be active, and hate being crowded into one place with all the older people.

Yet again I am so happy that I have never been a hard drinking or partying kind of guy. I just gained a whole lot of insight into what it is to be a teen in 2010. Fun times.


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