Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Microsoft will never stop lying.

Here we have a guy who once worked on OpenGl, and now works for the Evil Empire. Of course, he's talking a ten mile trail of sh*t about OpenGl now. The article is so bad, so logically flawed, as to be a comedy of technology. I laughed, winced, and ground my teeth at the derailment of logic in favor of greed.

So, another job-hungry tech guy got sucked up by Evil. It happens. Most of them are happy to just take the money and feed the family. Not this guy, he has to take aim at the community he learned from.

Microsoft has demonstrated repeatedly that they will absorb competition that they can't beat, sue those who can't be absorbed, and conduct a war of misinformation against the one thing that they can't buy off: Open Source.

20 years of government contracts, exclusive deals with colleges, lawsuits against competitors, closed-door deals with intel, the "Intel Tax" and the "MSFT Tax", being convicted of being a monopoly, and losing repeatedly in Europe for violating fair trade laws later - Microsoft still hasn't changed the way they do business:

Lie, Cheat, and Steal.

I have news for this guy, I used to work at the Evil Empire, and I spent my time advocating FOR open source and questioning why MSFT's own products do not interlock or even work together at all. Sure, they bought Word from one company, and Excel was ripped from another, but that's no reason that they can't be made to work together in the same suite after more than a decade.

Newsflash to the general public: After years of working with, and then for, Microsoft I have yet to find any software that is wholly written by MSFT. They buy everything. At most, they modify it slightly and rebrand it. MSFT is a marketing company - not a software company.

Programmers who once worked on a specific product at MSFT are now nowhere to be found, usually working in another company entirely, and I know of no case where someone still works in the same division after more than a few years. They move around rapidly. They have to, or the problems will catch up to them.

Problems? Coding around MSFT's odious restrictions, and being forced to release Alpha software to the public as stable. They do this by slapping programming band-aids on everything and calling lots of bugs "features under development."

To this day, MSFT is the proud owner of more security holes than all other software worldwide combined*. All. Think about that. MSFT doesn't have that much software. What they do have is swiss cheese.

*Gross estimate, lines of code are pretty hard to count in proprietary software -since you're not allowed to look at it or talk about it.

Actual article: Beware, hard to read without feeling ill if you work on open source.

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