Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Statocide - The Act of Killing by Numbers.

Israel is the worst evil to ever grace the Earth since the Third Reich, as no other nation has relentlessly executed civilians with such venom and vigor the way Hitler did. Nobody, that is, until Israel - a state bent on the complete genocide of Palestinians. A fictional state, in a land that never existed, a land called "wishful thinking."

No evidence exists for pre-industrial Israelites except the bible itself, which is well documented as a complete fabrication of fairy tales. Why should the world take a book, known and admitted as a farce, as any serious historic legend? There ARE other books and scrolls which actually enumerate the population, show census maps, and taxes collected by ethnicity and business. The middle ages and early B.C.E. were pretty well documented, and the bible contradicts everything we know.

So why take it seriously? Because of the insanity of faith. Faith allows for Americans to turn their heads and whistle while Israel bombs schools and hospitals. Faith allows Americans to approve and shout "support our troops" while the USA destroys Afghanistan and Iraq for profits. Millions have died, and the rough numbers in the middle East have already exceeded the genocide of Nazi Germany.

Faith make this possible. Is it any wonder that non-believers look upon believers as dangerous and crazy? Believers are otherwise kind, intelligent, and productive people - who support mass murder, suppression of equality on a world scale, and the destruction of opponent religions on a world scale.

Israel itself has built up such a history of abuse of power and destruction that its enemies are prepared to destroy their own families just for a shot at getting even. You never read about Palestine invading Israel, raping and pillaging, bulldozing communities, and then having the nerve to accuse Israel of "offending" it. But, you read that sort of drivel from Israel almost every day. Each atrocity is committed with bland statements of "sovereignty" or "destiny." Israel's only destiny is immediately apparent when one simply looks at a globe map of the Earth.

Without the constant military, financial, and political support of the United States, not only would Israel not ever have existed, but it will immediately cease to exist. Israel has surrounded itself with enemies that could have been close allies. Muslims and Jews are not so different. In fact, they lived side-by-side, in peace, for over a thousand years before Americans decided to "Fix things."

Now, as America falters, and her dollar wanes, the USA is suddenly worried about the future of Israel. They should have thought of that in 1948, when the US sent tanks and bombers against peaceful desert nomads and tribal societies. The victory was quick, not because of god, but because of wave after wave of high-explosives and armor-piercing ammo used against an unarmed opponent who had no reason to expect an invasion.

The future of Israel is the same future that they wished upon Palestine. Death. All will die, and I say this not out of hate, for I am Jewish, but out of a scientific certainty. These are the categories of Israel's death.

They will die Economically:
Israel is a nation of less than 8 million people, and only 22K sq kilometers, with a per-capita military spending of over 25% of their GDP per person, and only 23K average earnings per person. They are heavily indebted to the tune of trillions, to the United States for ongoing financial and military support that they otherwise could never afford. There is no sign that the USA is requiring payment, in fact the USA continues to sink Billions a year into Israel with no sign of slowing, despite an economic slide in Israel from +3% to -1% annual growth rate. [2009]

They will die Geopolitically:
Israel is surrounded on ALL sides by enemies. Even the Mediterranean Sea offer no protection, as it is largely controlled on the Eastern shores by Russian allies who are strongly anti-Israel. The 12 nations surrounding Israel are entirely Arab, massing more than 140 million people, with an area better than 20 times larger than Israel. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are particularly well armed, far more powerful each of them than Israel. Syria is now receiving Russian munitions, nuclear power, and training. The Arab states have met repeatedly to discuss the "Israel" situation and are of one mind on the problem. Eliminate it.

They will die from Powerlessness:
Israel may have one or two nukes. That'd be unfortunate, because if they attempted to use them, they'd soon find that several of their enemies have quite a bit more than two. Also, if it were discovered that they used a U.S. produced system to deliver nuclear weapons, the United States would immediately face international scorn and legal entanglements that we'd be decades sorting out. The United States has repeatedly denied arming Israel, which is a patent lie on the face of things.

They will die from Starvation:
Israel has destroyed the farmlands. Palestine was a nation rich in agriculture - once, before Israel. Now, they slave Palestinian farmers for their food source, but still need to import over 50 Billion a year in resources - for a nation with a GDP of only 500 Billion and over two thirds of that is US Foreign Aid, that's pretty bad news. When the fighting starts in earnest, Israel will get no food.

They will die from International Isolation:
Israel has become such a political pariah, internationally condemned for gross violations of Human rights, and such a malignant cancer on the peace process, that nobody will feel the least bit sorry for Israel - not even American Jews like me. I have distant family there who will possibly die. My words to them are "get out while you can. I won't feel sorry for you if you stay."

Enough Israel. It's time for world peace. It's time for Israel to fade from the stage.

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