Friday, February 12, 2010

Why so little content?

There are good reasons why so many google blogs and other blogs have very little in the way of media or other content. Google will delete it.

Even when you're entirely acting legally, posting your own music or royalty-paid distributions you've obtained from the music label itself - your blog is now dead. As of today Google has shut down most music blogs.

This is part of why corporations can NEVER be trusted with content. Not even Google. To me, the big Gee is mostly useful for linking and advertising. I'm careful to keep as much content as possible firmly on my own servers.

No one can delete the content on my personal machines.

A perfectly functional aging server can be found online by searching "used servers under 100 dollars." I got three for 40 each. I already have one running Knoppix, and Sun's VirtualBox with minimalist linux/apache webservers installed. The knoppix OS runs off the CD, so it's unhackable! Virtual box utilizes hard drive and USB memory space for the virtual machines serving individual domains. Hack one domain, if possible, but the others are unaffected.

1. Host YOURSELF and pay NOTHING.
2. Get Google to do two things for you: Provide bandwidth and revenue.
3. Get a business license online for only 15.00.
4. Take that info to a Credit Union and get a business account for a 5.00 deposit.
5. Congratulations. You're now self-employed.

For twenty dollars I'll coach you on how to do these things, but if you already have the skills then you don't need my help.

Never forget the following rules for small business:
+Don't pay for anything you can do yourself.
+You don't need a bookkeeper. Businesses are often blackmailed by bookkeepers.
+You CAN do your own taxes, safely. No worry about prison.
+Never pay anyone to host your company. Provide your OWN hosting.
+Learn how to market yourself and your company.
+Provide a service or product, and be HONEST.

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