Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Film production group is growing... slowly.

There's never been a more out nay-sayer attitude among people I know than when I discuss film. Sure, there were people who thought I'd never write a book, let alone four, or graduate college. I didn't quite understand the knee-jerk denial that regular people express when confronted with someone who is 'doing something.' It's an odd quirk of psychology that people don't want to see their friends be too successful.

But, once again, without tremendous effort I now have a film group in full swing. Script is done and storyboards are being sketched. I've been shopping for cameras all week. Film cameras, just in case you didn't get that, of the motion picture variety. There's a mind-twisting amount of product on the market right now and it's a perfect time to be a buyer.

32mm, DV, and more... all within reach. I might get four. Hey, if it saves retakes, and adds to the editing of the movie, it's all good. Panaflex, used? 15,000.00 low whistle there... anyone want to donate?

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