Monday, October 19, 2009

I am Jewish. I am not a People.

There is a huge push by Judaism to consider Jews to be unified as a religion, a people, and a culture. This is a large denial of reality. There were never any solid Jewish populations that functioned as a "people" of a nation, rather the Jews have always been a culture and religion. There is no ETHNICITY. Jews can be black, white, asian, and so on. Since Judaism is a BELIEF, anyone can adapt that belief. Ethnic "Hebrew" or Ethnic Jews are two words that are used together to confuse the enemy. The enemy is anyone who is not a Jew.

Israel, founded in a genocidal war by the United States with the permission of Great Britain, who then controlled Palestine, has been found guilty of spying on the United States and conducting sabotage operations. Spies have actively interfered in our elections, national security, and technology. How did Israel get nuclear weapons? That's something no one wants to talk about in the United States. A gift of nukes is tantamount to Treason, and has never been documented for obvious reasons.

This is why NO nation should be allowed to do what the United States has been allowed to do: Conduct genocidal wars, sponsor nation building, or have veto power over the United Nations.

The USA has been involved in international warfare NONSTOP since the Korean war. Evidence points to peacetime military "actions" even before WW1. That has to stop. Only as a peaceful confederacy of United Nations can there ever really be world peace. So long as any one nation, or handful of nations, holds unilateral power there will be continued human rights violations, abuse of international law, and outright Totalitarianism. The world suffers because America places her own security ABOVE that of all other nations, when it should be an equal part.

Israel has LESS of a right to exist than Palestine. Hey, critics, this book is written by a scientist, a fellow Jew, and a history scholar. He knows what he's talking about. Criticism of his work has centered on pro-nationalist arguments, religion, and loathing. They just can't think past their prejudice.

Obama is right to withdraw support of the Zionist regime. America should remove all "police" forces from the worldwide theater and transfer that authority directly to the United Nations. The UN would never have allowed Blackwater/XE to rape children and mow down crowds of civilians. Nothing like that EVER happened under any UN controlled action. The USA, which is supposedly so awesome, appears unable and unwilling to control its own forces.

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