Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lunar Missions

I can hardly believe after all these years that people still seriously think the moon landings were faked. I've never seen ANY evidence that the landings were fake, and there is ample evidence of men on the moon. I know what a conspiracy is, and there has to be an element of truth for the conspiracy to exist as a potential hoax or heresy.

I can't find any truths in these moonies.

Here's a quick run down of all the BIG points anti-moon-landing [hereafter called moonies] people claim as 'evidence.'

1. No stars in photos.
2. Edited photos.
3. Blurs or defects in photos.
4. Flag waving/moving.
5. Dust.
6. Footprints.
7. Can't see moon objects.
8. Mountains in different views.
9. UFOs.
10. Pyramids. Yes, really.
11. Denials.
12. Russians.
13. No need to do it.
14. Faked video.
15. Evidence of Chinese video fake.
16. Training videos.
17. No technology.
18. Can't do it now.
19. Orbital Launch.
20. Lastly, the worst: Government lies.

All of these are rather easily overturned with short and simple explanations. There is nothing in this list of 20 major moonie claims that constitutes actual evidence.

Now, I'm no friend of the government, and I certainly believe that Kennedy was killed in a manner or for reasons other than stated. There are things that any government likes to lie about, but this one is out of bounds, and would have been challenged by the Soviets in seconds. Don't forget, a faked launch would have to fool more than just a million idiotic Americans. NASA would have needed to fool the expert Soviet era scientists, people we were very intimidated by, and actively worked to stay AHEAD of.

Sure, the government could fool me and you, if they want to. The USA never had the capacity to fool the USSR. Until the early 90s we [US Navy] still lived in fear of a thing called a MIG aircraft, a jet fighter that appeared to defy physics, flew farther than anything we had, and displayed impressive combat agility such that we'd send TWO or more F16s out to repell them. MIGs constantly toyed with invading USA airspace and kept the US military on its toes throughout the cold war.

When we finally got a MIG in our hands, it was a bit of a shock. ONMFG... Those pilots of the USSR make USA pilots look like kittens. MIGs were high tech in some areas, such as electronics and hydraulics, but the rest of the jet? A beer can with two herculean engines, a seat, and fuel. They could be shot at all day long and unless you killed the pilot they were not going to splash. The MIG we got peacefully was still in SERVICE and had two dozen bullet holes in it. F16s and other more advanced aircraft were nothing like that in durability, range, speed, and raw testosterone.

There is zero question in my highly qualified mind that we could have fooled the Soviet Union. My clearances indicate that it was not possible, and still isn't. I used to track nuclear subs in the Atlantic.

Those 20 questions? All bullshit. None of it proves the moon landings did not happen, and half of that data actually shows that we were there.

The flag was on a rod, and there is still gravity and motion even on a nearly airless moon. Dust is dust, and the moon has lots of it. Photos are often cleaned up before public release. Perspective, distance, and lack of an atmosphere explain all of the photos. How the hell did they get moon photos if we were not on the moon? Hmm?

This is one conspiracy theory that needs to be pushed off as a failure, and begs the question of what qualifies as a conspiracy versus a hoax or heresy. It is absolutely not a hoax, the moon landings were real. We had the technology and still do. No actual proof of anything else has been discovered, and there's loads of evidence of the moon missions.

Don't believe it? Maybe you should look at the Chandralaan videos and photos. http://wms.selene.jaxa.jp/index_e.html These pictures clearly show the SAME photos and footage that were covered in moon missions. Impossible to have been faked some 40 years ago? Yes. Some Chandralaan pictures actually show five of the lunar missions landers and equipment.

So, time to put this theory to bed. Disproved.

Conspiracy theory: Evidence of possible hoax or heresy cover up.
Moon landings: Real. No conspiracy.

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