Monday, October 5, 2009

Ubuntu Nazi's ruining Linux.

I wonder if Shuttleworth has been taking payola from MSFT?

Whatever the reason, I don't like updates to my sound driver that break the entire system. When I fix that sound driver, I don't like to have gimp, samba, and other NOT SOUND SYSTEMS uninstalled, crashed, or fucked up.

I'm installing a new linux OS, absolutely, but it ain't Ubuntu's piece of crap server. Take the attitude, righteousness, and 'this is how you do linux, all other paths are the wrong path, we are the spiritual leaders of linux' shit and suck it.

asstards pissed me off one time too many with the holier than thou forums that troll people instead of answering questions. You should read ubuntu forums. They're pretty funny, until you see how pathetic and sad they are, spewing vitriole at any newb who asks how to get MP3s back or use ROOT.

Fucking asshats. Goodbye. I'll take my money back to Slackware or Red Hat or Solaris.

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