Thursday, June 10, 2010

Changes. Speaking of Change, what've we got?

- The Bill of Rights. None of these rights are intact. The Nazi Supreme Court sides with only corporate interests.
- Enjoying music on the PC. All but gone. DRM has derailed Operating Systems, and the CIA backdoors that are legally required make for easy pickings with virus writers.
- Privacy. Gone, if you are not aware of Linux. Computer privacy is all but vanquished, and only the millions of linux users are keeping it alive, but it's really on a downhill slide to hell.
- International Rights. These are a joke. Corporate interests dictate policy to Canada, United States, all of Europe, and most of the world.
- Right to citizenship. Not.
- Peace. Goodbye, we barely knew thee.

- Morality based laws where poverty is a crime.
- Failing to buy something you don't need is becoming a crime.
- Enforced marketing tactics. Can you imagine US Marshals selling diamonds? Get used to the idea.
- Debtor Prison. This is already happening in 38 states! Behind on payments? You're under arrest! Several nations including Canada have begun arresting those who suffer economically - as though ANYONE WANTS TO BE POOR.
- Nazi SS international military forces. Ala Blackwater/Halliburton. Corporate police ten times as frightening as those portrayed in Brave New World or 1984.

Welcome to your new world order.

Hail Halliburton.

"War is Peace.
Slavery is Freedom." - 1984

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