Monday, June 28, 2010


After months of enjoying my HP mini, I decided to see what else runs on these devices and came across Jolicloud. The install went smoothly, and it took about as long to install Jolicloud as it does for WinXP to boot. Joli starts faster and uses the wifi natively, however there is not yet any support for 3G. I thought that might be a problem, but there's only two places I ever go where wifi hasn't been available. Now that McD's and SB both offer free wifi, it seems like I won't really need to worry about when Joli releases the post-beta version with 3G.

As with most linux distributions, Jolicloud comes with a lot of software ready to go, such as Chrome and Firefox, Pidgin, and so on. It does not have Open Office or GIMP because of the small install size, but you can add them quite easily. It does have Quake Live, and that's been quite a distraction recently. Takes me back...

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