Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free, but... is it worth it?

University of the People, an interesting study in how to educate the poor, is just clearing the fourth quarter of its first year. There are A LOT of things that need to be fixed, and I can provide a laundry list of details, but for a free institution it's not bad. Is it worth it? I can't even say. The quality is NOT high, but what's the harm in repeating a class when there's no tuition or fees? Well, there's still time wasted. 10 weeks is 10 weeks.

These classes need serious overhauling for structure, communication, and the testing is especially poor quality. If these things are fixed, then when UofP is ready to begin handing out Bachelors degrees I may be willing to pay the graduation fee [expected to be merely one hundred dollars.]

It's hard to complain too loudly over something so incredibly low priced, and I want to encourage them to continue, but it still has to work. It can't be a joke, or it will never get accredited, and then nobody will want to attend.

Still, it's worthwhile I believe, and I'm going to continue attending despite some howling errors in the website and a pathetic testing system. "a) all of the above" is not a logical answer when all the "above" questions are b, d, and e. Yes, 'c' was "none of the above." Scrambled questions, anyone? At least one final exam question was a BLANK that merely inquired "true or false." There's an existential question...

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