Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OpenComments goes Full Retard. Film at Eleven.

OC is apparently little more than a spammish redirect to the already stupidly useless google groups. There's no warning or mention of the very inanely useless nature of the "application" or the need to sixteen clicks to install, redirect, register, redirect again, find what page you're on, close those extra six window tabs, and then wonder why you still can't see a single message because you're still not "joined" to a group.

What a pile of shite.

I can't get past the incredibly roundabout way the "application" just forces you into google groups, a den of mediocrity at best, often only slightly more intelligent than IRC chats. What's the point? There are already websites and plugins for using groups, and I highly doubt that this is a productive or useful way to use the groups. Furthermore, it's not really an application so much as a hopelessly complicated way to bookmark a service that I hate.

Upon install you'll immediately want to gouge your eyes out due to the extremely ugly configuration. AFter a few dozen clicks you'll start to get sick of the bullshit. Just how damned hard does it need to be to leave a freakin comment? I don't want a damn comment group chat buddy system anywa. I want a way to warn other people about BAD sites like cybergasm.com or whatever the fuck they call themselves - which is just a website populated by keywords, with the sole purpose of getting clicks on ads.

Open Comments is Total Failure. Get rid of the mandatory groups drivel. Why the HELL would you make people log in six times? Who in their left mind would ever want to do that? Two minutes using this interface and I already hate you.

Uninstalled, shitlisted, and banned from my servers.

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